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At Crossley Fields we apply creative education across the curriculum with the aim of equipping all children with the necessary skills to problem solve with perseverance and become independent thinkers.

In keeping with our core values, we seek to ensure these skills can be applied across all areas of learning, supporting each child to embrace what makes them unique.

The application of creative education spans the breadth of the curriculum, including but by no means limited to:

Teaching the foundation of English in Reception. Here children are able to use their taught phonics to write about whatever interests or excites them;

Understanding and applying measurements in Maths, where children are given the opportunity to apply these skills in construction (such as building their own pyramids from measured dowels). This often coincides with other areas of the curriculum, for example History and Design and Technology;

Topics worked on collectively by the whole school. For example,

During summer 2021, all year groups worked on the subject of Nature. In Year 4, children were taught a range of brush strokes and painting techniques before being given the freedom to use these skills in creating their own fish. The result was a display showcasing a range of fish, each one unique.

During our Heroes and Villains whole school topic, Year 6 pupils were taught how to manipulate and experiment with lines, tone, pattern, texture, form and shape through the use of sketching pencils. The children then used these skills to complete a sketch of their favourite superhero or villain, which resulted in a final piece displaying a range of well-known characters.   

We want to provide all children at Crossley Fields with: opportunities and experiences to enrich their development; the confidence to take risks; and the skills to be flexible thinkers. Above all, we use creativity to encourage the children to develop an individual ownership and a love of learning.