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Crossley Fields


Skills Progression


By the time the children leave Crossley Fields, they will have become creative, imaginative and engaged learners.  They will be independent and resourceful in their learning, with the ability to use a wide range of skills and techniques.  

Key approaches we will use to develop this are: 

Developing a knowledge and understanding of varied skills and techniques which will progress over time and allow children to build on existing skills.  

Develop knowledge of various artists, both globally and locally and to be able to identify and use similar techniques in their independent pieces. 

Developing motor skills that will allow children to explore and experiment with different mediums.  

Art at Crossley Fields


Key skills we would expect the children to exhibit are the ability to; 

To understand the process of drafting and re-drafting to create a final piece which will enable children to be able to persevere when learning new techniques and skills.  

To allow children to interpret and represent Art in their own way and articulate its meaning.  

The ability to have an open mind when observing other artist work ( artists and peers) 

The ability to collect and experiment with various art forms in order to find the most suitable.  


Early Years Art