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KS1 Phonics & Reading Schemes

Since September 2022 we have been using the Essential Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme to teach early reading.

This is a scheme which has been validated by the Department of Education. It provides a systematic and rigorous way of teaching Phonics across Foundation Stage and Year 1. Alongside this, we have decodable reading books which support the Phonics scheme. Please see the links below for further information, including videos explaining how to pronounce sounds correctly and how to blend sounds to read words. Parents also have access to some e-books and teachers will give parents more information about this as necessary.

Year 2 children have access to a range of guided reading books and they read every day. They also have a dedicated whole class reading lesson which has a focus on comprehension. Children who require further support with Phonics in Year 2 will receive group or one-to-one daily support using the ELS materials.

We also use the whole school reading and writing programme 'Project X' as an intervention for children who require further support with Phonics.

Further information can be found below.

ELS Parent Presentation

Essential Letters and Sounds Letter for Parents

Phase 2 Sounds PronunciationPhase 3 Sounds Pronunciation