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At Crossley Fields, our Mathematics curriculum has been developed to ensure every child can achieve excellence in mathematics. We embrace the aims of the National Curriculum for mathematics and support our Mastery of Mathematics journey using White Rose Maths and NCETM guidance. Staff knowledge and teaching methods is rooted in evidence based research. 

At Crossley Fields, all school stakeholders have a clear sense of why maths is important for the development of all children. We want all of our young mathematicians to show our school values of ambition, perseverance and positivity.

We use a multi-strategic approaches are developed with pupils to ensure they have the tools they need to attack mathematical problems on a personal level. Children can experience awe and wonder as they use their developing knowledge, skills and understanding to solve a problem, discover different solutions and explore links between different areas of mathematics.

Our Mastery of Mathematics approach provides pupils with a deep understanding of the subject, utilising concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts and acknowledging that fluency and application are the building blocks to pupil success. We seek to broaden the understanding of how mathematics is used in the wider world and use various approaches to teaching strategies enabling pupils to engage with maths in an exciting and stimulating way. Real world problems are used to allow children to see the value of maths as a life-long skill. We ensure there is a buzz of excitement and interest in every maths lesson.


How We Teach Maths at Crossley Fields