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By the time the children leave Crossley Fields, we hope they will have developed a love of and appreciation for music. They should have developed the fundamental skills of reading music and playing both as individuals and as part of wider groups and ensembles. The children should have had dedicated teaching on at least one tuned instruments and experiences of playing several others. They will understand that music helps to build up self-confidence and teamwork and broadens their cultural horizons. Children should have developed a knowledge of the rich history of music, from the classical composers to modern music groups. Children should also have developed an appreciation of how music is integral to adding mood and feelings to other media, such as films, play and story-telling.  

Children at Crossley Fields have continued opportunities to further their musical experiences and skills through a range of extra-curricular activities, including choir and small-group music tuition. 

The aims and objectives of learning a Music at Crossley Fields: 

To sing as part of a small or large group, with increasing knowledge and skills to sing in sub-groups within the larger ensemble, such as rounds and harmonies.  

Perform short pieces of pre-written music on a tunes instruments with increasing awareness of the technical vocabulary to help elicit the expression required for a well-rounded performance.  

To be able to read musical notation in both alphabetised and written-note form.  

To be able to compose short pieces of music on both tuned and un-tuned instruments for a specific purpose. 

To listen to a range of music and describe both the sounds and the responses they illicit.  

To gain an appreciation of music in the past and how it has changed over time. 

To implement all of the above, we use the Charanga Music Scheme across school. 

Charanga - Primary music curriculum, Secondary & Instrumental music


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