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Crossley Fields


At Crossley Fields we have successfully rolled out the system whereby children choose their own meals at lunchtime.

Each main course is on display in the dinner hall to help your child make the right choice.

Halal choices are available twice a week. All children will be encouraged to try everything that is on their plate.

School Lunch Menu

Packed Lunch

Facilities are provided for children who bring packed mid-day meals. 

A packed lunch should be brought in a named bag/box together with a drink in an unbreakable container with a straw or cup.  Please do not include fizzy drinks, nuts or any nut products such as Nutella, sweets, chocolate bars (chocolate biscuits are fine) and chocolates.  Once your child has decided whether he/she wishes to have a school meal or a packed lunch any changes should be requested in writing giving a half term’s notice.

Changing from dinners to sandwiches /sandwiches to dinners:

  • School requires a half term’s notice.
  • If you wish for your child to change from sandwiches to dinners or vice versa, you will need to inform school before the end of the previous half term to enable adjustments to be made to food orders.