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Online safety is a term which relates to any form of activity or communication through the use of the internet.

We believe at Crossley Fields School that online safety is the responsibility of the whole school community and that everyone has their part to play in ensuring all members of the community are able to benefit from the opportunities that technology provides for learning and teaching.

We take online safety very seriously at Crossley Fields. It is essential that everyone knows how to stay safe online and when using technology.

You can investigate online safety by clicking the links below.

  • Crossley Fields Online Safety Policy 
  • NSPCC – Online safety information from the NSPCC charity
  • CEOP – For the reporting of inappropriate behaviour
  • ChildNet – Contains advice for children and parents on safety, chatrooms, file sharing, and mobile phones.
  • Project Evolve - This is website has extensive resources used to teach online safety in school.
  • Safer Internet Day - We are proud supporters of Safer Internet Day and this website has many resources regarding safety on the internet.